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         The hobbits led the way; and they passed under the arch and came to a wide door upon the left, at the top of a stair. It opened direct into a large chamber with other smaller doors at the far end, and a hearth and a chimney at one side. … On the hearth wood was burning.
      … Aragorn and his companions sat themselves down at one end of a long table, and the hobbits disappeared through one of the inner doors.      ‘Store-room in there, and above the floods, luckily,’ said Pippin, as they came back laden with dishes, bowls, cups, knives, and food of various sorts.      ‘And you need not turn up your nose at the provender, Master Gimli,’ said Merry. ‘This is not orc-stuff, but man-food, as Treebeard calls it. Will you have wine or beer? There’s a barrel inside there – very passable. And this is first-rate salted pork. Or I can cut you some rashers of bacon and broil them, if you like? … I cannot offer you anything to follow but butter and honey for your bread. Are you content?’      ‘Indeed yes,’ said Gimli. ‘The score is much reduced.’
    Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.